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Your Transaction Coordinator

We provide the entire Contract-to-Close process for real estate transactions.
You are a successful Real Estate Agent whose talent and energy are best utilized when you are working with your clients and NOT buried in the time-stealing administrative process. On average, it takes 19-23 hours of document processing for each real estate transaction.  The more your business grows and your clients increase, the more time you spend on the documents' process and less time generating new revenue! 

Our service saves you valuable time to focus on marketing and getting new clients! We currently serve all of Nevada and Lake Tahoe areas


Our Services

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Save time and maximize your profitability with our services. 


• Review contract, verify all required

signatures and initials are on the contract

and addendums.

• Open escrow, send contract to all parties

• All parties contacted via an introduction

email as a member of “your” team with

escrow information and timeline.

• Compile all disclosures and send to other


• Log/monitor all contingency due dates.

• Update all parties with a weekly email.

Home Warranty

• Order, monitor and track all inspections

specified in contract.

• Prepare NORR or request credit (Agent


• Order home warranty (if applicable).


• Confirm buyer has made application and

appraisal is ordered.

• Monitor and track appraisal.

• Confirm buyer has ordered home owners


• Verify lenders closing documents and

CD (Closing Disclosure) are delivered to

title company.


• Open Escrow, send escrow number and copy of Earnest Money Deposit to necessary parties.

• Send Escrow all required documents (addendums, invoices, repairs, home warranty, short term rental agreement etc.).

• Follow up with escrow for receipt of Prelim, HOA/CCR docs, escrow instructions, Estimated HUD-1/Settlement statement and any escrow contingencies.

• Coordinate signing time and place.

Before Closing

• Send commission instructions to broker for signature and back to title company fully executed.

• Schedule walk-thru and assure proper addendums are executed and sent to all parties necessary.

• Provide buyer and seller with utility information for transfer of services.

• Review Estimated HUD-1/Settlement


After Closing

• Compliance is maintained through the entire escrow to make sure you are broker compliant.

• Closing documents upload

• Commission disbursements completed/submitted


  • $400 Single Side

  • $600 Dual Side


**There is no charge if the escrow cancels**